Longarm Quilting


I have a computerized Grace Q'nique Longarm for Edge to Edge and block quilting. Many designs are available to suit your quilt pattern.

Add H.S.T. (13%) to all prices   


Cost of Edge to Edge:                                                                                     Starting from $.02/sq.in.

Edge to Edge: To estimate the cost of Longarming, multiply the length (inches) and width (inches) of your quilt, and  multiply by .02.

Costs may increase depending on the complexity / design of your quilt and the density of the pattern ( to be discussed prior to starting).

Cost of Custom: TBD                                                                                       Starting from $.033/sq.in.

Custom: (Any quilting that is not Edge to Edge). Quote to be provided before starting project.


Minimum cost of Edge to Edge and Custom Quilting is $50.00.


Mountain Mist 80/20 Cotton/Poly Blend, Natural Color (96" wide)                                        $12.00/yd

Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 Cotton/Poly Blend, Natural Color (120" wide)                                   $15.50/yd

Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 Cotton Poly Blend, Bleached White (King pkg. 120" x 120")             $52.00/pkg

Warm and Natural 100% Cotton, Natural Color (90" wide)                                                    $14.00/yd

Pelon Nature's Touch 100% Cotton, Bleached White (96" wide)                                           $15.00/yd

If you provide your own batting, please ensure it is high quality, in one piece and at least 6" larger both ways than the quilt (3"on each side)

Binding Costs: (Please provide 1 yard of Material)

- Prepare binding (cutting, joining and pressing)                                                           $0.08/linear in

- Machine sew binding to front of quilt                                                                           $0.09/linear in

- Machine sew binding to back of quilt                                                                          $0.08/linear in

- Hand sew binding to back of quilt                                                                               $0.23/linear in


We have many choices of thread colors available.  Click            to view our selection.


We have over 150 patterns in our library to choose from. Click          to view our library.

If you cannot find anything you like, check out the sites below. We may charge you $9.00 towards the purchase of a new pattern.





Additional Charges:

Square Backing                                                                                                                  $9.00

Pressing Quilt                                                                                                                     $18.00

Joining Backing                                                                                                                  $6.00/piece

Shipping                                                                                                                             Via Canada Post

Taxes (not included)                                                                                                           H.S.T. (13%)


-  Quilt Top: Fix any puckers and iron flat. Remove any loose threads and square and trim the edges straight.

Please indicate if there is a top edge to the quilt.

-  Backing: Material to be 100% cotton-no bed sheets. Must be at least 8" larger than the quilt (4" larger all around the quilt).

-  Pieced/joined backing: Remove selvages on joined ends. Sew the seams horizontal (left to right) with a 1/2 inch seam and press all seams open.

Store Hours:

-  By appointment only

-  Pick up / drop off may be available in Burlington area ( fee may apply)

-  For mailed in quits - will discuss design/pattern/cost prior to starting.






Payment: Cash;e-Transfer;