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Non - Medical


Our masks are 100% Cotton

                          Double Layer




Available in Kids and Adults Sizes

Limited Amount of Some Fabrics

Mask with elastic
Masks with strings
Blue Jays.JPG

With Elastic Ear Pieces

Space for Filter

$7.00 ea.

With Ties and

Built in Nose Piece 

$9.00 ea.


Blue Jays & Raptors

Available in Elastic Only

$12.00 ea.

Pre-Order with the Quantity, Type and Pattern

Shipping Extra

Curbside Pickup Available

Volume Discount with Same Fabric Pattern

Elastic - 3 or more $6.00 ea.

Ties - 3 or more $8.00 ea.

Blue Jays & Raptors - 3 or more $11.00 ea.

fabric Patterns

For Masks

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